Hotel Recommendation – Hilton Tucson East

I’m in Tucson, Arizona, at the IBM Academy of Technology‘s Technology Council meeting. They selected the Hilton Tucson East as the hotel, even though it’s 20 minutes away from the meeting site.

I think they made a good choice; the hotel has been very accomodating and friendly, and there’s a reasonable choice of restaurants in the area. They add lots of nice amenities for Gold members (including cookies and water delivered to the room, as well as chocolate on arrival and bonus Hilton points), too. And they even gave me a room with a southern exposure, so I can listen to XM (though that was a random deal — I didn’t ask for it).

I would happily stay there again, though given my rate of visits to Tucson, that may not happen for a long time (my last visit was 20 years ago).