Bootcamp Day 22 — Radio Disney

Today was a hellishly busy day at work, leaving me no time to listen to XM. So it’s just as well that today’s Bootcamp assignment was Radio Disney.

I listened for a short while at home this morning, until my son demanded I turn it off — a demand to which I was quite happy to agree. In the short time we listened, I heard more about Hillary Duff than I needed to know, as well as being treated to a McDonald’s commercial and some vaguely music-like noises.

Even though I don’t have XM in the car, I got more Bootcamp time on the way to work by listening to the local Radio Disney AM affiliate, KMKY/1310. Again, I was treated to more information about Hillary Duff, including her sister’s name (which I promptly forgot, and which turns out to be more difficult to find via Google than I would have expected (for those of you who are curious, it’s Haylie). And one of the songs I heard appeared to be the theme of a program I’d seen in the TV listings for the Disney Channel.

I decided that I didn’t need to try to work to the sounds of Radio Disney, and as it turned out, my day didn’t even make that an option. But I did tune in one more time to KMKY/1310 on the drive home — and they were having some sort of contest, and pushing yet another Disney product.

I have a friend who has two daughters, 11 and 13, and he says that they listen to Radio Disney frequently, as well as watching shows on the Disney Channel. I guess boys and girls are different, because the only Disney demand in our household is for trips to Disneyland. And I’m pleased about that.

I am grateful about one aspect of my Radio Disney experience: they didn’t play “It’s a Small World” during the time I was listening. I don’t think I’m going to give them another chance.

Shabbat Shalom!