Bootcamp Day 38 — The 80's

I didn’t listen to a lot of current music during the 80’s; during that decade, I was mostly listening to classical music, with occasional visits to the local rock stations (WSHE being the only one I can remember from my time in South Florida), where I usually hoped to hear early-70’s progressive rock.

But I guess I did get exposed to some what was on the radio during the 80’s, because much of what I’m hearing on today’s Bootcamp installment is at least vaguely familiar — I even recognized one song well enough to know its title and who did it (Peter Gabriel’s “Games without Frontiers”). On the other hand, although I’d heard of Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” before today, I am sure I’d never actually heard it (and I don’t think I missed much).

I just looked at the 80’s IT list and there are lots of familiar songs through about 1983; after that, they’re few and far between.

I tuned in too late for Bruce Kelly’s show, but I should be around for some of Heidi Selexa’s gig later this afternoon; from what I’ve read on the XM discussion board, it should be fun. (Yep, it was fun; I left the office and my XM radio five minutes before she played my requests — I guess I’ll have to try again another day!)

I’ll be back — the more I listen, the more I like it!