Bootcamp Day 33 (Delayed) — Caricia

I was out of the country when Bootcamp visited Caricia; I finally got around to listening today.

Even though I took three years of Spanish in high school, I couldn’t understand the lyrics to any of the songs (I’d get a few odd words, but nothing useful). Ignoring the lyrics, the music was pleasant, but no more than that — the arrangements tended to be lusher than I like, and the tempo was generally a bit slower than I’d prefer. But I guess that makes sense, given the positioning of this channel as featuring soft, romantic and pop ballads.

As I was typing this note, I heard an announcement from the channel’s program director explaining that it was “in transition”, and apologizing for any inconvenience, so perhaps it’ll be different in a few days. Or weeks.

I might drop by again sometime, but not often.