Bootcamp Day 42 — Ask!

In general, I’m not a big fan of talk radio. All-news formats, such as KCBS/740 are fine (at least until they start repeating stories), and some topical talk shows, like Car Talk, can be fun or useful.

But the typical talk show, where the host has an agenda, and the callers are either sycophants who agree, or idiots who are trying to argue the inarguable by disagreeing, is not my favorite listening matter.

But I gave it a try anyway today, when Bootcamp visited Ask!. I listened to some of the Glenn Beck show, some of Dave Ramsey, a bit of Rusty Humphries, and a little of Bruce Williams — none of them changed my opinion of the talk show format.

I guess I might potentially listen again, if I had XM in my car and I was falling asleep while driving and thought that being irritated would keep me awake. But other than that, I don’t expect to return.