Bootcamp Day 52 — VH-1 Radio

I don’t watch VH-1 on TV, so I didn’t have any particular interest in today’s visit to VH-1 radio. But I’m determined to try every channel, at least briefly, so I tuned in when I got to the office.

And I was mostly pleasantly surprised. When I tuned in, they were running a Melissa Etheridge episode of “Storytellers“; the music was good, and the commentary was tolerable. Later on, I tuned in for Hour Five of “Greatest One-Hit Wonders“including the discussion of the very odd career of ? and the Mysterians.

But the music wandered all over the map (with more rap than I’d like), so I kept wanting to tune away (and at times, I gave up and did go elsewhere).

I might come back for more “One-Hit Wonders”, or other specials, but this isn’t a channel I’ll stay on for very long.