Bootcamp Day 51 — The Move

The Move is another channel I wasn’t really looking forward to visiting. A channel which features something called “Thump Radio” is not aimed at me!

When I tuned in, I found the music more likeable and more interesting than I’d expected. It was definitely full of energy. And it did a fine job of masking the teleconference going on in the adjacent office.

But it wasn’t music that encouraged thinking while I listened — if anything, it drove thoughts out of my mind (hmmm…maybe that’s why they describe it as “trance” and “rave”), so I left soon after finishing my morning pass through my e-mail. I tuned in again during “Radio Chumbo”, and had the same reaction.

There are times when I have something going through my mind and I can’t get rid of it (when I work too late, for example) — The Move might be a great antidote at those times. But otherwise, I think I’ll do my listening elsewhere.