Bootcamp Day 68 — Fine Tuning

I’ve been in the Almaden Institute all day, away from XM (but as a consolation, most of the day was devoted to listening to good and interesting speakers or interacting with good and intelligent people — that, or killing brain cells with wine), so I’ve had very limited time to listen to Fine Tuning today.

But I have been able to spend some time on the channel, and I’ve listened to it quite a lot since getting XM, so I’ll go ahead and blog it today anyway.

Fine Tuning claims to play “the world’s most interesting music”, and that’s pretty accurate. There’ll be classical, jazz, folk, and rock, all within the space of 30 minutes, and they’ll all fit together very nicely. It reminds me of the kind of shows that the most talented programmers put together on WRPI (hi, Jamie!) back when I was in college — I aspired to create this kind of blend, but rarely was as successful.

It’s definitely a channel I’ll return to frequently!