Bootcamp Day 69 — Chrome

When I told Diane that today’s Bootcamp channel was Chrome, she thought that it was going to be music from the golden age of chrome and fins, the 50s. Of course, that’s not the case — and anyway, Bootcamp’s already visited the 50s.

No, today’s Bootcamp stop takes us to the age of chrome without fins, the disco era.

I missed the disco era and haven’t felt any strong need to remedy that situation (I have yet to see Saturday Night Fever, though I think we saw Flashdance a long time ago). But duty called, and I turned on Chrome when I got to work. I recognized quite a few of the songs, and found that almost all of them set my toes to tapping — it was much better listening than I’d expected.

I don’t think I’ll spend a lot of time listening here, but I could see coming back when I want a dose of energy.