Bootcamp Day 98 — Luna

There are only three days left in XM Bootcamp II; today’s channel, Luna, is definitely worth having gone through Bootcamp to discover.

Luna plays Latin jazz. The music, at least so far today, has been upbeat and very listenable — good music to think by, to dream by (not on company time, of course), or even to have telephone calls by…but it’s even better with the volume turned up.

I’m a member of the local jazz station, KCSM/91.1, which plays Latin jazz from time to time, and they even have a program devoted to it on Sundays, but I’ve never gotten around to listening seriously. Perhaps I will try it some upcoming Sunday, so I can get a little background on the music and the artists; Luna has no DJ, so there’s nothing but the music.

This channel is definitely worth many return visits!