Writing about today without giving away any secrets

The meeting went well, I think — at any rate, there was much lively discussion. Now, though, the hard work begins — we need to continue to collaborate off-line and build up the material necessary to write our report.

Dinner tonight was at the Oriental Diner in Hawthorne. They serve both Chinese and Japanese food, so I asked one of my local colleagues which she’d recommend; she said that the sushi was “not too bad”. I got spoiled by the sushi in Japan (which is far better than getting spoiled sushi), and decided to pass in favor of Rainbow Chicken from the Chinese menu — it was much better than “not too bad”. There were 20 of us, and for no reason that I can understand, the waiter decided to figure each of our bills individually instead of just giving us a combined bill to deal with; that slowed the payment process a bit, but I guess the people who weren’t on expense accounts appreciated not having to subsidize the rest the group.

Tomorrow, I’m off to IBM Somers to work with some people from the CIO’s office — then home! If I get really lucky, maybe I can visit a Ralph’s Italian Ices location before I give back my rental car.