Good timing

Diane wanted to go to the doctor this morning to be checked out after yesterday’s accident. The office opened at 9, and we showed up at 9:02, just barely walking in ahead of another person. It took the receptionist a few minutes to deal with us (they’re not very efficient, I’m afraid), and then we had to wait a while before Diane got called. While Diane was being seen, I heard the receptionist tell callers that they’d have to wait till 1pm — so it was a good thing that we hurried to be there right at the opening bell.

The word from the doctor was about what we expected — take ibuprofen as required, expect some soreness, call back if you’re not recovered in a week, and don’t sign off that you’re completely OK for the insurance company for a month. Well, the last bit was a surprise, but I guess it’s good advice.

Next steps: rent a car on Monday, and wait for the insurance company to tell us what they’re going to do about the Prius.