Friday at last

Although this was officially only a four-day week, and in some ways really a three-day week for us, it’s been an awfully busy one.

In health news, Diane’s dad had his knee replaced yesterday (we talked to him this morning, and he’s doing well — he even claims that the hospital food is “not too bad”), and I found out that one of my Academy colleagues is going into the hospital next week for an autologious bone marrow transplant to cure his multiple myeloma, so we have a couple of names for Mi Shebeyrach at services tomorrow. (By the way, the National Marrow Donor Program Registry is worth checking out — signing up is simple and painless, especially if you’re already a blood donor.)

In car news, I sent State Farm the title and keys for the 2002 Prius today, and we should receive a check next week to help replace it. We’re still waiting for a dealer to tell us “come on down!”, so in the meantime, the Kia will continue to serve as my commute car.

And work has been busy — among other projects, one of my colleagues and I have set up a departmental blog and status report site to make it easier to keep track of what we’re all doing. I still have to write the announcement for the group before I leave for the week so that we can start using it next week.

But things are looking good for the weekend. There’s an interesting new geocache near one of our favorite restaurants. Diane’s reading Torah tomorrow at services and I’m giving the D’var Torah (hmmm, I guess I’d better write it soon!), and then there’s what looks like a fun rallye tomorrow evening. And Sunday’s our 28th anniversary!

Shabbat Shalom!

(Geocache link fixed. Thanks, Sam.)

2 thoughts on “Friday at last

  1. Which cache? The link’s a 404. By the way – the patient is ready for pickup. :)

  2. I managed not to copy the whole URL (you’d think I’d have this cut-and-paste stuff down to a science by now, wouldn’t you?) but I’ve fixed it. We’ll make plans offline for retrieving the patient. Thanks!

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