Moving is one detail after another

We spent much of today helping Diane’s father and his SO find a place to stay until their permanent apartment becomes available on February 1st. First, we went through the phonebook and did some Internet searching to find a short list of possible locations. Then, we phoned what looked like a promising short-term apartment, only to get an answering machine. So we drove over there; there was a note on the door claiming that the manager was “on the property” but could be paged by pushing a button. We pushed the button; it’s a good thing the weather was pleasant, because we waited an awfully long time before giving up.

After that, we took a tour of their new home, Fellowship Square, and then had lunch at Dragon Palace (chosen by using the car’s GPS to find nearby restaurants and then guessing), which was quite pleasant.

Then we visited the Extended Stay Tucson, conveniently located across the street from the Sheraton, in hopes that it might fit the bill. And it did.

So with a place to stay taken care of, it was time to continue celebrating; back to B’nai B’rith Covenant House for the second half of the birthday celebration. We were the last ones to leave, I think — and I think Diane’s dad is going to enjoy being in the same town as his sister.

We finished the day by getting a cellphone for Diane’s dad; this was more of a problem than it might otherwise have been because he uses hearing aids. The nice folks at the Cingular kiosk in Park Place Mall let us try many phones, taking them outside, and eventually he found an LG which works pretty well for him. We will have to call Cingular tomorrow and turn off all the junk services that come on “free trial”, like the Roadside Assistance plan, but other than that, I think he’s set.

Fortunately, we’d munched a lot at the party, because it was 8pm before we were finished with the phone. None of us were very hungry, so we got a pizza from Magpie’s at Shaw and Speedway. The pizza was quite good, and I wish I’d gotten a bigger pie. Maybe another night or another visit….