A taste of Tucson

We started the day with the complimentary hotel breakfast; it was OK, but the coffee was insipid. So I suggested a walk to the nearest Starbucks afterwards, which turned into about a one-mile each way exploration of East Grant Avenue. We didn’t actually discover much that we hadn’t seen from the car (about the only thing that was new to us was the Fry’s supermarket), but it was nice to be able to stretch our legs.

After that walk, we moved Diane’s dad’s luggage to our room to wait until they could check in across the street, and then we went exploring. We went east first, out towards Fellowship Square to see what banks would be convenient (and, not incidentally, to find a service laundry for our stuff), and then we drove downtown to check out the historic districts and have lunch. The Tucson Visitor Center was very helpful, giving us several brochures (and giving us a huge “newcomer’s packet” for Diane’s dad). We explored the area around the original Presidio of Tucson, including a delicious lunch at El Charro Cafe and a long browse through the Old Town Artisans, especially the Old Town Pot Shop. I was amused by the Mexican-themed Judaica of Julie Szerina Stein, but not quite enough to buy any (though the Seder plates were tempting).

After that, we helped Diane’s dad and SO move into their temporary home-while-waiting-for-home, including a shopping trip to the aforementioned Fry’s and Trader Joe’s to stock their fridge. I am afraid they’ll be counting the days until they can move into their apartment — but in the meantime, they will be visiting relatives in the Mountain Time Zone as often as they can. Tomorrow, they were invited to go on an expedition to a local casino; we plan to visit the Desert Museum instead.

Dinner tonight was at China Thai on Tanque Verde. The food and service were fine, but unlike lunch, there was no sense of place — we could have been anywhere.

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