A lovely day for the desert, but check your search results!

We had to pick up our laundry this morning, and chose to combine that trip with a breakfast expedition to The Good Egg on Speedway. We succeeded on both counts.

After that, we were ready to go to the Desert Museum; I punched the name into the GPS and took the first hit of three listings. I wondered why the icon looked like the Mona Lisa, but I figured it was just the gift shop. And off we went, into the non-wilds of Northwest Tucson. As we drove, I started to get suspicious, because all of the information we had for the museum warned about the curvy road for the last few miles, and we were on straight, mostly four-lane, roads. Finally, we arrived at our destination: a shopping center, where one of the storefronts housed the Oro Valley Art Studio, part of the Art Institute of the Desert Museum.

So I went back to the GPS and tried again, this time verifying that the location I picked was on Kinney Road. 22 miles later, we were at the Desert Museum itself, right at the stroke of noon.

The weather was beautiful for a day at the Desert Museum — sunny but not hot. And we spent the rest of the afternoon there, leaving just at closing time.

A docent was kind enough to take a picture of all three of us near the beginning of the trail:

Of course, we saw plenty of saguro cacti:

The Museum houses animals as well as plants:

although not all of them are fierce:

I prefer the plants to the animals, though:

We didn’t quite see all of the exhibits today, but we came close. And I’d go back cheerfully.

But not on this trip; tomorrow morning, we leave on the first leg of our trip home. After breakfast with Diane’s dad and SO for breakfast at 8am, at the Good Egg on Grant. I really don’t want to face a long drive with only hotel coffee to go on.