Home again!

We had a long and mostly uneventful drive home from Palm Desert today; I had expected us to arrive home at 6, but we made it just after 5:30, greatly surprising our housesitters, who didn’t expect us until tomorrow. I guess communicating via blog is not the most reliable method possible.

One reason we got home early is that we decided not to have lunch at a restaurant; instead, we stopped at Trader Joe’s in Monrovia and picked up some sandwiches and salads, which we ate at the Tejon Pass Rest Area. This saved us at least half-an-hour and $20, as well as probably saving us from a pile of calories we didn’t need.

But while we were at Trader Joe’s, I was surprised to hear my phone ring; it was Diane’s dad, with the news that he’d gotten an offer on his house. This was a real surprise, since he hadn’t put it on the market yet — the offer came from a neighbor who knew he was planning to sell. I guess the market there is hot!

It was a good trip, but it’s good to be home. Tomorrow, I look forward to having the DirecTV guy show up (there was an automated message from them waiting for us on the answering machine, confirming the appointment) and fix whatever’s wrong with the system.