There’s another afternoon I’ll never get back

My ThinkPad has been somewhat slow and flaky lately, and it’s clearly software.  The installation of Windows on it is over a year old, and so it (and I) are suffering from Windows rot.  Since it was a slow week at work, I decided to take advantage of the quiet and install a fresh image on a new disk, and then copy and reinstall what I needed.

Good plan, but it’s one which is very tedious to execute.  I have a list of about 70 apps to reinstall; I’m less than halfway through it (and let’s not even think about the long list of Firefox extensions that I haven’t installed yet….).  And, in at least one case, even though everything is installed, something isn’t working right, so I’ll have to swap the disks, boot to the old system, and look at the registry and the environment to see what’s up (it’s Emacs, so I suspect it’s an environment variable, not a registry item).

But I will say this — the new installation boots much faster than the old one!

Shabbat Shalom!