A long way to walk for a virtual cache

The rest of my flight was uneventful, if cramped.  I read all of Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders, along with a bunch of magazines — my jet lag routine calls for me to stay awake until bedtime in Helsinki, hours from now.  I’m not sure I brought enough reading material.

When I arrived here at Frankfurt, it took me almost 30 seconds to clear immigration (I’m sure it won’t be that fast when I return home).  Then I had to reclear security to enter the domestic/European gate area, where I am right now.

I took a hike before settling in to the Lufthansa lounge, though — all the way to Gate 42 to pick up my first German geocache (and the only one I’m likely to get for a long time).  Going there and back was nearly a 20 minute walk; that’s probably the only exercise I’m going to get today.

The Internet connectivity here is fairly expensive; 6 Euros for 30 minutes or 13 Euros for 2 hours.  I chose the shortest option, and have already checked my email (nothing exciting, which isn’t surprising since it’s a weekend).  My next posting should come from Helsinki.