Toto, I don’t think we’re in San Jose any more

My hotel put a new copy of Westchester magazine in my room today; one of the cover stories was definitely not something I’d see at home: “Cater your Seder”. It turned out to be a one-page item listing a half-dozen caterers — but that’s probably five more than would be available in San Jose.

The Research Spring Strategy meeting, which is the reason for this trip, took up the whole day today; it was interesting, and might influence some of what I do this year. It was also probably rather fattening; I made the mistake of taking the bus over for the continental breakfast, which was nothing but carbs. And then both lunch and dinner were buffets, served on large plates, with lots of desserts as well as some actual food. I didn’t fill up my plates, but I did sample quite a few of the desserts (I didn’t finish them all, at least). And there were more goodies available at morning and afternoon break — those I was able to skip without feeling deprived. It’s a miracle no one fell asleep during the meeting.

When I got back to the hotel, I felt compelled to use the workout room. For some reason that I don’t understand, the hotels here feel compelled to overheat their exercise rooms — this one must have been close to 80 degrees. So I worked up a better sweat than usual, but I don’t think I actually exercised as much as I’d like to have done.

Tomorrow is the second and last day of the meeting; neither “breakfast” nor dinner is included tomorrow, which may be just as well.