Well, not quite OK

On Friday, I mentioned Diane’s trip to the ER, and summarized it by saying, “she’s OK!”

I overstated the case, I guess.

She woke up Friday morning feeling fine. Halfway through breakfast, she said that she was dizzy and not feeling good, so I called the doctor. Of course, it was too early for them to be open, but their answering machine pointed us at the SCCIPA Nurse Advice line; once we got to talk to an RN, she directed us to go to the nearest ER, Good Samaritan Hospital.

And that’s where we spent the next few hours; they diagnosed Diane as having “positional vertigo”, gave her a short-term prescription, and sent her home for bedrest and a light diet. So she spent almost all of Friday in bed, and we slept in on Saturday (I needed that part, too!).

Saturday was better, at least from a staying awake standpoint, but she was still far too dizzy to do much. And today has been much the same, though she was able to go out for dinner (but she can’t read or drive). She has been doing some self-help exercises we found on emedicine.com, and they may be helping.

So tomorrow, I’ll be taking her to the doctor for what I hope is a more precise diagnosis, and maybe even some treatment.