Don’t they know what tomorrow is?

We had to go to Valley Fair this afternoon so Diane could return some purchases to Coldwater Creek. Since I had no particular interest in that store, I wandered over to the Apple Store, secure in the knowledge that I wasn’t going to buy anything.

There were two reasons I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything.

The first reason was that just last weekend, I’d upgraded my Mac Mini to 1GB and bought an external hard drive/port replicator for it, all to make it easier to transfer my old tapes to DVD. When I captured the first tape I tried, there were dropouts; I thought it was because the Mini was short on memory, but after further investigation, it just seems that that tape is defective in spots. But having more memory is a good idea, and I was desperately short of hard disk space anyway.

The second reason: tomorrow is the first day of WWDC, and there might well be some interesting announcements. I’d hate to buy a new machine today, only to find out that it was obsolete tomorrow.

But clearly, many people either didn’t know or didn’t care about WWDC; the store was very busy, and it wasn’t just lookers — there were lines at the registers, and not just for accessories and software, but for new systems galore. Almost makes me wish I owned Apple stock!

2 thoughts on “Don’t they know what tomorrow is?

  1. Hi there

    Funny you should mention Apple, just yesterday they rolled out the last of their new Intel powered lineup. Its really only about 35 percent faster despite having twice the mem bandwidth and a half a GHz more speed, but of course they claim it’s twice as fast..

    Anyhow, I’m just wondering what happened to cause them to go to Intel? Can’t IBM’s G5 chips be made to compete with Xeon? Or does IBM really care? Maybe this isn’t your department, but I’m just kinda bummed about the last bastion of ‘not 0wn3d by Wintel’ hardware not being so anymore :-(

    And, Freescale is about to come out with dual 2GHz+ chips which probably won’t discolor the cases of laptops with excessive heat like the new Intel chips do, either..

    Nice blog, thanks for reading :-)

  2. @1: Hi, Bolton —

    Hardware is definitely *not* my department (long ago, when I worked in the Networking Department, my manager described me as “hardware-impaired”, and he was being charitable). But that aside, I don’t know why Apple decided to go Intel; I do know that our Power chips are alive and well and fast…just not in Apples any more.

    Thanks for writing!

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