Wrong cast, great show!

One of Jeff’s classmates is in the Children’s Musical Theatre production of Side Show — we discovered that a couple of weeks ago when we ran into him outside San Jose Rep. Normally, CMT has its shows at the Montgomery Theatre, but due to the San Jose Grand Prix, they’re using the Rep this time (and ComedySportz is using the Montgomery).

At any rate, Jeff wanted to go see him perform, so I bought us tickets for this afternoon’s show. I didn’t realize that there were two casts who alternated shows (not that I could have told which cast was performing from the website), and, as it happened, his friend was in the other cast.

But other than that, it was an excellent afternoon — it was hard to believe that the actors were students (well, some of the leads were already in college, but the two “twins” were both high school students). They really did a great job handling a very serious play.