A beautiful day not to fly anywhere

The consequences (if there are any) of not travelling to my meeting this week won’t hit me until tomorrow or later in the week (I suspect I’ll have at least one very early morning to match New York time), but today, it was all benefit.

I got to sleep about three extra hours; I got to go to the JCC and work out; I got to take a walk with Diane and Jeff in the evening; I even got to watch some of the backlog of TV programs on the Tivos.  Diane also showed me the Tai Chi DVD she’d recently bought, and I tried some of the warmup — it takes a lot of concentration!

I tried to make a DVD from one of our old MST3K tapes, but something went awry during the capture — the image jumps right-and-left every 1.5 seconds or so, which is rather disconcerting, especially when there are words on the screen (it’s not too bad at other times).  The other tapes I’d transferred didn’t have this problem, so it might have been a loose connection (I’ve been moving the VCR between the Mac and its usual spot).

I did manage to get a good enough transfer to see how much squeezing 90 minutes onto a single-layer DVD hurt the quality, and it was easily visible.  So I guess I’m going to go pick up a double-layer drive sometime, because I do have a few things where I want to maintain as much quality as I can.  Maybe I should just get a faster Mac with a double-layer drive already installed….