Upgrading to WordPress 2.0.4

I’m in the midst of upgrading to WordPress 2.0.4 (from 1.5.2, shame on me). Minor breakage should be expected (my custom 404 page seems to have vanished), but things are running well enough that I’m going to dinner. More fiddling later…

Hmm…I don’t have any idea how I got the old 404 to work (for those who might care, it was a special page in the database, and somehow or another, it got invoked at the right time; the magic formula was on a posting from the Sacramento Web Developers SIG, which seems to have vanished into the ether).  So I’m doing it the old-fashioned way, with a 404.php file in my style.

And I see that Akismet is catching spam for me already, so I guess the migration has been a success.