Not doin’ that, either

Today’s been a day of deciding not to do things. It hasn’t been a very exciting day. But I didn’t want to break my string of daily entries, so you get to read a very mundane posting — unless you choose to stop now.

This morning, I decided not to go to a week-long meeting in Somers, New York, next week. I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that yesterday’s events entered into my calculations — it wasn’t fear, though, it was not wanting to deal with the additional hassles at security. But that wasn’t the real reason I cancelled my trip — it was learning that several of the people who were originally going to be there all week were only going to be in for the first day of the meeting. I still gave it a lot of thought, but finally came to the conclusion that I could participate adequately by phone — and that way I won’t lose my Sunday to travel. Of course, I also won’t get to go to Ralph’s Italian Ice, but I’ll cope.

I also decided that we probably don’t have to do anything about our cooktop, either. When I tried to clean it, there was a mark which wouldn’t come off — I thought it might have been a crack. I called KitchenAid to see if there was anything that could be done short of replacing the glass, and there wasn’t. A not-so-quick search eventually yielded the model number, at which point I discovered that a glass replacement was $300+; a new cooktop would be even more. So I went back to look very carefully, and, as far as I can tell, all we have is a deep scratch.

Tomorrow, I visit the hazmat disposal site and the dentist. I hope neither of them leads to exciting writing either.