Comfort food

Today started early; Diane had an MRI at 7:45 (results: negative), so we got up early, which worked out well for me, since I had a telecon starting at 6am. Well, it would have worked out a lot better if I’d slept last night, but I made the mistake of fiddling with a project until nearly 11, and my mind was trying to finish the job all night.

So I wasn’t at my brightest this morning, and sitting on the phone for two-and-a-half hours, then rushing to work and getting back on for another two hours didn’t improve my mood any. (I keep reminding myself that I could be in Somers — but even that wasn’t enough to cheer me up today!)

We divided into smaller teams at 11:15 Eastern; instead of dialing my workgroup immediately, I decided to take a break and have an early lunch. Nothing at the cafeteria remotely appealed; instead, I drove to Mojo Burger for a tasty, if not terribly healthy, meal. I did eschew the free upgrade to a shake, though.

Getting out into the fresh air helped; food helped more. By the time I returned to the office, I was ready to get back on the phone for the next three hours of calls. Then I even managed to write a little code before calling it a night.

The laptop is still zipped up in the briefcase, by the way, and I can’t connect to work on this machine. Ahhh….