Running on empty — three ways from Friday

Back in May, I adapted a Pilot G2 to use a MontBlanc refill, following this instructable. Life was good, at least in the writing department, until this week, when the refill ran dry (three months seems pretty fast). So I’ve switched back to the G2’s native refill; let’s see how long it lasts.

Today was my last day at work for a week or so (vacation, hooray!), so I was motivated to finish off a couple of projects. One project was Web2.0-related (sounds good, eh? It was just some Python hacking); the other was getting my inbox to empty before I left for the trip, since I have no intention of connecting to work while I’m away. I succeeded at both — or at least I declared victory: the hacking was good enough that I could do the final touchups in an editor, and my inbox was, indeed, empty. But I have a new folder in my Lotus Notes mail, “- AAActive!”, for the couple of items I couldn’t finish because they needed to be handled on the phone, and the East Coast was long gone by the time I finished. Hmmm, when I dig out the laptop, I think I’ll put a reminder on my d3 Tiddlywiki; I’m still using it fairly faithfully (not so much the last couple of days while I’ve been heads-down on one project, though).

I’m also running on empty when it comes to energy. So I think I’ll try to make an early night of it and step away from the keyboard.