WLEE to return from the dead — briefly

XM 60’s on 6 has a regular Friday afternoon show called “Sonic Sound Salutes” where they use jingles, sweepers, and actual airchecks from 60’s AM radio stations.  I’ve tuned into it by accident a couple of times, but haven’t made a habit of listening.

I happened to tune in to the end of today’s show (WABC/770, New York, complete with Cousin Brucie), and Terry Young announced that the next show, on September 1, will be WLEE/1480, Richmond, the station I grew up with (and, at times, hated because they had a very strong signal at my house, making DXing a challenge).  It’ll be good to hear some of those old voices again…I wonder if they’ve got an aircheck of Shane saying, “Heavyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”?

Far out!