Worldcon Retrospective

We’re home after a long lunch at Knott’s Berry Farm (next time, I’ll have to tell the waitress that we’re in a hurry) and a longer drive (about 6 hours from Knott’s to Lunardi’s).

Today, the only Worldcon program item I went to was the Book Raffle; I didn’t win, but I didn’t have as many losing tickets as Seth Breidbart, who had 989 losers (and 11 winners).

Diane and Jeff went to the Battlestar Galactica panel, which sounded like it was much more interesting than the raffle. We also upgraded our support of the Australia in 2010 bid to Firend level. And I took advantage of some booksellers (yeah, right) and bought a ton of Poul Anderson books so that I’ll be more ready for the next Chocolate for Trivia program I attend.
I suspect the Dead Pluto party is still going strong in what used to be the Con Suite; I was very impressed by the Con Suite at LACon. It was open 24/7; it had decent munchies and drinks the whole time (as well as enough fruit and carbs to get an impecunious fan through breakfast); it had plenty of seating (I’m not sure how many rooms it covered, but it included two suites and all the bedrooms between, and might have extended farther than that at times); and it had free books (courtesy of LASFS). And because it had all of these features, it also had lots of people and good conversations…so many, that I never even made it to the fanzine lounge.

Definitely a good con; I wonder how long it’ll be before LA bids again?

I also wonder how long it’ll be before our next Worldcon; we don’t know yet whether we’ll be able to make it to Yokohama for Nippon 2007. It’ll depend on Jeff’s school schedule next year — time to start lobbying, I guess.

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