Today’s Cingular/Motorola V551 tip

If your phone gets confused and thinks you have voicemail when you don’t:

  1. Call yourself from another phone
  2. Leave a voicemail
  3. Retrieve the voicemail from your cellphone
  4. Delete the voicemail with “7”
  5. Exit the system with “*”

Worked for me!  Thanks to the Cingular forums for the tip.  BTW, the only way I know to unlock the phone is to call Cingular and ask them to do it.

One thought on “Today’s Cingular/Motorola V551 tip

  1. i got the v551 when it first came out. i have had NO problems with it. i have accessed
    the internet, sent and rec’d multimedia text messages, all the things one does on a phone these days.
    i am very hard on phones. i had dropped this one getting out of the car, sending it sailing on the ground,
    gotten it damp, very hard bumps and bruises. the outside isn’t as bad looking as i would
    have thought it would. i love this phone, the only reason i am getting rid of it is because the keypad is worn
    to the point of no repair. but overall, i loved the phone itself

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