We may be back in the TV market

Our not-so-trusty Panasonic PT-52DL52 is flickering more and more every day (we are not alone in this), and it’s getting to the point that I’m giving serious thought to replacing the set (though I’ll call Magnolia Hi-Fi first — that’s where I bought it, and they fixed it the last time we had problems, at a reasonable price).

I don’t want to buy another DLP set (I can see the rainbows at times), and I don’t want to buy a Sony. We still watch enough 4:3 material that burn-in might be a problem on a plasma.

Any suggestions? Any recent experience to share?

[updated:  I don’t want to go any smaller than the 52″ set we have now, and probably nothing over 56″ would fit.]

2 thoughts on “We may be back in the TV market

  1. I recently purchased a 40″ LCD. I started with a Samsung LNS-4092D which has a few issues. The “zoom 1” mode generates unnecessary “tearing” artifacts while watching 4:3 content zoomed out to fill the screen…and the colors never quite looked right; it had “clayface” issued.

    Finally took it back and got a 40″ Sony Bravia (not XBR). It was cheaper than the Samsung and MUCH better. Colors were more accurate, and the zoom issues are gone.

    I share your dislike of Sony, but this was so so much better it wasn’t even a contest. Sony’s usually way too expensive and overrated; this TV was neither.


  2. Thanks, Sam — maybe I’ll have to look at Sony despite everything. I need a bigger set than yours, though — I want to stay at 52″ or so.

    Hmmm…we’re attending a party this afternoon a couple of blocks from Anderson’s….

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