If I knew what I was doing, it would go faster

I spent all day Friday trying to get MoinMoin, Apache, and an IBM-internal authentication/authorization module to play nice together.  I would have been better advised to leave early in the afternoon like everyone else.

Today, I was back at it again; and by lunchtime, I thought I had it nailed.  Until, that is, I showed a colleague, who noted that I wasn’t really using SSL for the userid/password.  And then I also noticed that only the front page of the wiki was visible at the root of the server — all of the other pages were down a level in names.

Fixing those problems took me the rest of the afternoon.  But now I’ve got it working, for sure.  Except for a couple of corner cases, and maybe they don’t matter that much anyway….who needs informative 403 responses, anyway?

I’m ready for another three-day weekend.  Unfortunately, the next one is Yom Kippur!