Old books from LACon

One of the nice surprises at LACon was to be found in the Con Suite. LASFS stocked the suite with books from their library — books that they were discarding, and that attendees were urged to take home.

Not all of the books were gems, but I kept finding ones I needed. I even read one during the con, The Syndic, by C. M. Kornbluth. I’d read it once before, back in elementary school or junior high — I’m sure I got more out of it this time. I also picked up a copy of Bester’s The Demolished Man, as well as Volume IIB of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. But it turns out I already had both Volumes IIA and IIB in SF Book Club editions, so I guess I’ll pass that one on to someone else.

And I’m still sorting through the books I picked up in the huckster room; I’ve already finished one, Poul Anderson’s Operation Chaos.
Now I’ve returned to the book I was reading before (and during) the con, last year’s Hugo winner, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke.  I’m not quite sure why it’s fascinating, but it is — I can’t wait to find out what happens to English magic.