Low energy, low impact

Today was probably the most restful day of the vacation so far.

We started with breakfast at the apartment; then Diane and I joined her Dad for a “tai-chi” exercise session. We were the only visitors, and were the youngest people in the room by a good margin. It was a good workout — I used muscles which have been neglected for a while (at least for the duration of the trip, and probably longer than that).

Then we talked for a while before having lunch at El Charro Cafe (I now have a $10 credit as a member of their frequent diner club — I guess we’ll have to come back within a year!), then some miscellaneous shopping (including a walk to eegee‘s and a drive with Jeff to Charlie’s Comics) and more talking before having dinner at New Delhi Palace (and I was right — it was better at the restaurant than as take-out). Finally, we watched the DVD that Diane’s Dad had bought at Kartchner Caverns.

Tomorrow, we hit the road for home. It will be a long day, and it will start far too early in the morning. *sigh*