School spirit

Jeff attends Kehillah Jewish High School. It’s a small, new school (he’ll be in the third graduating class), and so it’s somewhat light on traditions. No sports championships, either, unlike my high school, which was a perennial cross-country power (and a football doormat).

But today is one of those mornings which creates traditions; the school Jam Band won the K-FOX School of Rock competition last week, and today, they’re broadcasting live from the studio. So the school decided to invite everyone to come in early, including parents, to celebrate together. It’s great fun to be here with the kids, teachers, and even a few other parents (it is awfully early….).

I rarely listen to local terrestrial radio any more, because of all the commercials and the limited choice — I usually listen to XM, with occasional excursions to KKUP, a truly listener-supported and eclectic station. But local radio, even if owned by a monster like Clear Channel, can support the community — the School of Rock competition is a great example.

So thanks, K-FOX, Greg Kihn, and Kehillah!