Organization is a start, not an end

This week on 43 Folders, Merlin Mann is documenting his war on clutter, a topic near and dear to my heart. We’ve made considerable progress at home, but this bit in Merlin’s blog was very much on point to me:

I start seeing things that I hadn’t ever noticed. Like the phone cords and SCSI cables.

You see, yesterday I was moving our new computer into the space formerly occupied by the old computer; while the space was vacant, I took the opportunity to neaten up the wiring and reduce the number of plug strips necessary. During that neatening, I found an old parallel cable that hadn’t been connected to anything for years — and so I wrapped it up and put it in my Drawer of Cables, along with yet another RJ-11, making at least 6 in that drawer. I did think about getting rid of the parallel cable instead of stowing it, but….

Time for a rethink.