Obligatory iPhone post

Our travels today took us to Valley Fair (err, “Westfield Shoppingtown Valley Fair”), and I decided it was worth wandering over to the Apple store to see if I could look at an iPhone. There was a crowd by the entrance looking at an official demo, but I wandered around the store and found a salesperson with an iPhone and no one talking to him, so I filled the gap.

I did a tiny bit of web surfing (slow, even using the store’s WiFi network), and played a bit with the text keyboard and iTunes. I didn’t make any phone calls.

I’ve hit the point where I’m ready to replace my existing phone, a Motorola 551 — its audio, never great to begin with, is showing signs of wear and tear, and I’ve never liked some of the features. But even though the iPhone is very cool indeed, I don’t think it’s the right answer for my needs, and so I handed back the phone and went on my way.

One thought on “Obligatory iPhone post

  1. We stopped by a Cingular/AT&T store this afternoon, and I’ve been researching since and decided on a Samsung “Sync” A707. Quad-band, 3G data, A2DP Bluetooth. Mike’s gonna wait and see how I like it before upgrading his.

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