iPhone thoughts, 2 days in

So now that I’ve owned an iPhone for nearly two full days, it’s time to give a full and considered review. Let’s start with the weak points:

  • no 3G wide-area connectivity
  • some headphones (including my noise-blocking phones) need an adapter, which I’ll really regret tomorrow on the plane, since I don’t have one
  • The Gmail support is via POP, which means I get to delete mail twice
  • The camera doesn’t have a flash

On the other hand, it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

I don’t yet really know how well it works as a phone (except through my car’s Bluetooth) or as an iPod — I’ll find out this week as I travel, I guess.

One other interesting note: the iPhone doesn’t have an IM client. But I found it possible to use meebo to do IM — their layout is not optimized for the small iPhone screen, so a lot of scrolling is necessary, but it can be done!

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