Mostly successful

I’ve just finished three days at Watson Research (two in Hawthorne, one in Yorktown), and I actually accomplished most of what I came out here to do. I even managed to pick up a geocache, did a lot of walking, and found a good ice cream place (Main Street Sweets in Tarrytown), which probably undoes the good of walking.

And of course, I played with my iPhone a lot. I hope someone comes out with a replacement earphone/microphone combo with smaller earbuds; I can’t keep these in my ears unless I hold them there, which is not terribly practical! Other than that, I’m still a happy camper, though I wish the iPhone had GPS. Yeah, I know…that’s how they’ll get me to buy iPhone 2.0.

The iPhone also makes it easy to take and share photos, whether they’re worth sharing or not. See my flickrstream for proof.

Tomorrow morning, it’s back to JFK for the flight home. I’m ready.