Beginning the week of Harry Potter

OK, now that I’ve had an iPhone for a week (and have even had my first full crash, requiring a home+power reset), it’s time to resume talking about other interests.

The IBM Club bought out a good bit of the AMC multiplex in Saratoga for a special showing of Harry Potter V — we went, of course, since it was the easiest (and cheapest: $3) way to see the movie without having to put up with the usual hassles of long lines and uncertain showtimes. The movie was pretty good, though rather dark, and well worth the investment of time and money.

I was amused to note at the end of the credits that Harry Potter is copyright by Warner Brothers, though J. K. Rowling does have publication rights.

Good thing, considering what’s happening a week from today; I just checked Amazon, and my copy is listed in “Shipping Soon” state, so it’s too late to cancel my order. I wonder how many copies will leak out before Saturday.