Preserving vital information

One of the many ways I use this blog is as a dumping ground for information I might need again later. Sometimes, it’s helpful to other people; other times, it’s just for me.

So I was shocked to discover that I hadn’t blogged about the most important datum I acquired on my trip to Scotland back in July/August 2005: the name of the brand of sherbet lemons I’d been hunting for a decade.

The subject came up in conversation today with a friend who’s about to leave for two weeks in Scotland; since he lives in Massachusetts, it’s not really convenient for him to bring me a couple of pounds of candy, but it would be impossible without the name. I checked my blog, and couldn’t find it. Eventually, I dug it out of my Lotus Notes mail, but that was by sheer happenstance.

So I shall blog it here. I strongly recommend Tilley’s Sherbet Lemons, as found in Woolworth’s in Glasgow.


3 thoughts on “Preserving vital information

  1. Took my brother to Santa Clara to pick up a rental car, and stopped by Cost Plus on the way back. They were out of lemon (the checker said they were very popular), so I got Rosy Apple. They also had Rhubarb & Cream, but I’ll save that experience for another time.

  2. Thanks! I checked the Stevens Creek and Blossom Hill locations, and they were out of stock both places, but expect more “soon”. It’s a lot easier to check Cost Plus than to go to Glasgow, that’s for sure….

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