Up oneCreek without a paddle

My wife does a lot of shopping at Coldwater Creek; enough that they invited her to their preferred shoppers club, oneCreek. The invitation asked her to go to a special page on their website, coldwatercreek.com/onecreek [deliberately not a link!], and enter a secret code. So she did, only to be redirected to the main page of the site with nowhere to enter the secret code.

After much headscratching, she tried www.coldwatercreek.com/onecreek, and found herself at the right page, which is SSL-secured — and, in fact, https://www.coldwatercreek.com/onecreek works fine, too.

Hey, Coldwater Creek! Try the instructions before sending them out!

[Updated to make the links clickable, since it’s not always easy to cut-and-paste formatted text into the browser.]

17 thoughts on “Up oneCreek without a paddle

  1. I had the same experience, sort of like being invited to a party, but not being given the address. I used their \”live help desk” and was told about the need for two slashes in the address. That hasn’t worked for me, so I’ll try what you came up with. Thanks.

  2. I tried the same coldwater address with the same rejection. Will try your solution. Get with it coldwater

  3. Help! I have tried all the suggested ways and still can’t get on the onecreek website. I had a chat with customer service and they just added a / at the end which did not help. Customer service representative said the information in the letter was incorrect. I heartily agree!!!

  4. @Floetta — I just made the links clickable in the body of the post, which I should have done in the first place. Try one of them, and good luck!

  5. Ditto, my experience,……….exactly!………..unfortunately none of us have time to play with this until we/they get it right.

  6. I was given this number “[redacted]” to receive a special surprise for my birthday
    9-10 !

  7. I received the same letter and after Googling, noticed this blog. Thanks for the help – can’t believe they would send a letter out to probably thousands of people and never checked it out first !!!! All it’s done is aggravate their best customers and make them look inept. Get with it, Coldwater!

  8. Additional question to anyone. I just filled in my information and it said “thank you”, but I have no idea if I will be receiving someything in the mail or if there is a credit when I shop on-line? Does anyone have an answer to this?

  9. sorry I am behind some of you folks. I don’t know how to” make it clickable in the post.” ???? Please simplify it for a novice. Thanks for any help I can get. i think David knows the answer. Floetta

  10. I would suggest to Judy G. Brown that she not share her customer number with others. Anyway, I didn’t
    have trouble with the website adress, although it did take a very long time to load. Also, for Maureen
    ,I am certain that she will receive her promised birthday surprise. The verbiage said “Thank You” for
    registering, so I think the information was noted.

  11. Thanks to Floetta, I was finally able to access the site. I was not putting the slash at the end of onecreek/.

  12. Tried the same thing as everyone else. I even emailed them and asked about it; however,
    I never received a reply……………Go figure!! Thanks for the tip!!

  13. OK, I found the BIG website and put in my cutomer# and birthdate….Is that all there is? I’d also like to know how they will know that I am “priveleged” ONECREEK customer when I walk in the store? A personal shopper? Don’t they do that already? Seems to me that they do. I think this is a bunch of …well you know.

  14. I’m so glad someone else figured out how to make this work. I just read my letter than came in Sept and decided to try it to no avail. I will try again with the slash at the end and see if that works. Coldwater Creek I am surprised you did something like this.

  15. I got in without a problem but it says my customer number isn’t valid. I copied it exactly from the invite!

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