A parting shot

My group at work has a tradition of going offsite once a month for lunch; we take turns picking a place, and the host has the awesome responsibility of dividing the check.

Today’s lunch was a little different, though.

Lunch at Zeni

It was sort of a retirement lunch for B; he was originally going to retire at the end of this month when his wife retired, but decided to postpone it until the end of October, and then to work a couple of days a week, mostly from home, as a contractor. But we had lunch today anyway, at Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant. This was my second experience with Ethiopian food, and was much more enjoyable than my first, many years ago; I’m still not a big fan of injera, but it’s really just a carrier anyway, and the rest of the food was quite tasty (I especially liked the chicken and lamb).

Today wasn’t really the day I would have chosen for a food experiment, though; Yom Kippur starts in a couple of hours, and I want to be properly fueled as preparation. So we’re off to one of our usual haunts, Su’s Mongolian Barbecue — and today, I’ll probably have seconds for a change.

Shana Tova!