Is it Shabbat yet? Good!

Five-day weeks should be stamped out — I’m not sure I got any more done this week than I did in last week’s three days, and I know I’m a lot more frazzled than I was at this time last week.

About the only truly constructive thing I am sure I managed this week was getting my oil changed before the “Maint Reqd” light went to solid yellow, and the only reason I did that was because my department had lunch at Pluto’s in Santana Row, and I didn’t want to drive all the way back to work afterwards — so I sat at the dealer’s and did email, much as might have happened in my office. I would have liked to have worked on “Think Fridays” programming project this afternoon, but the dealer’s waiting room wasn’t conducive to that much thinking.

I also started improving my vocabulary this week at Free Rice; I managed to donate 3000 grains during a conference call, and another 3000 grains while writing this sentence. I haven’t managed to get above level 49 yet, but I’m trying! Definitely a worthwhile endeavor, on at least two fronts.

I kept playing after originally writing this post and made it to level 50:

But other than that, it’s been a rather scattered week. I’m ready to call it a month, too.

Shabbat Shalom!

3 thoughts on “Is it Shabbat yet? Good!

  1. It always surprises me a little when I learn that other people discovered something — a book, a movie, a website, an e-mail forward — at about the same time I did. I bet there’s a way to track how people come to be involved in a particular activity, in this case, the Free Rice project. A woman in my Rutgers Book Club sent me the link. I then sent it to my sister and several of my friends. Now I see it’s shown up on your blog. Is this a six-degrees-of-separation thing? Is it a case of people with vaguely similar backgrounds unwittingly crossing paths?

    In any case, I played the Free Rice game compulsively on the day before Thanksgiving — and then lost interest in it. You can see how an online event, such as this one, is transmitted almost like a virus, becomes hot for a time and then fades away. I like to think I am somehow above any type of mass movement, but it seems even I am not immune, especially if the movement involves something as entertaining (and obsessive-compulsive) as Free Rice.

  2. @1 Barbara, I’ve also stopped playing with Free Rice (which I discovered through a Facebook newsfeed item about a group that one of my friends had joined) — once I hit level 50 and could stay there, I lost interest, even though the cause is still important.

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