When we got home from exercising this morning, there was a ton of mail in the mailbox. Not all of it was ours (oh, well), and most of it was catalogs (wait…isn’t Christmas past?), but there were a few pieces of First Class Mail, too.

Two of them were for Jeff. And one looked interesting. He was in the shower when we got home, so we couldn’t hand it to him — but as soon as he finished, Diane hollered at him: “There’s a thick envelope here for you from Willamette!”.

Last week, he’d received a very thick envelope from another school he’d applied to, but it was just an acknowledgment and housing brochure — this time, it was the right kind of thick envelope.

So that’s two. He should also hear from the schools with rolling admissions fairly early in the new year — and then it will be silence until mid-March and the deluge of results.