Primary Twittering

We didn’t realize how quickly caucus results were going to start coming in, so we were in a restaurant when we should have been in front of the TV. Fortunately, I had my iPhone with me (gee, what a surprise!), and I thought to check on @podcastmama’s updates, since I knew she was actually running a caucus.

Caucuses have different rules than elections, clearly, because she was giving live updates via Twitter. And then I noticed that @LenEdgerly was channeling CNN — and that was just what we needed in our isolation. (Well, we were having a tasty meal in a restaurant which was getting steadily busier, but in terms of current events, we were isolated.)

So I turned on SMS notification for updates from @podcastmama and @LenEdgerly. Every few minutes, the phone would beep, we’d read the update, and then go back to dinner. In fact, it worked so well that we drove over to a gelato place before going back to our hotel, where we turned on CNN and the laptop — and then I was able to add my share of tweets (typing on the iPhone is challenging and slow).

It was great fun to be able to chat with friends all over the continent (at least) as events were coming in — I’m looking forward to doing it again next Tuesday for New Hampshire. But I think we’ll have dinner at home that night.

One thought on “Primary Twittering

  1. David, it was so much fun knowing you were there in the restaurant getting my Tweets on the caucuses. I sometimes worry about Twittering so voluminously, so your encouragement kept me going. What a terrific night, and my memory of it will always include this fine Twit-connection!

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