I think my wallet is mostly safe

Maybe I’m too far from Moscone to be affected by the Reality Distortion Field, but there wasn’t much in today’s Macworld keynote which really interested me. Yes, the 1.1.3 level of iPhone software has some welcome improvements (and I’ve downloaded and installed it already), but I’m not sure I would have paid even $20 for it.

TimeCapsule is of some interest, especially if I can use it to back up the Windows box at home as well as the Macs — it’d be of even more interest if it could seamlessly and automatically do offsite backups as well.

The AppleTV and iTunes rentals leave me cold; we have more media in hand and unwatched than I can put in one shelf — I don’t need any more.

And the MacBook Air, while interesting, doesn’t meet any immediate need (though I look forward to playing with one sometime). I already have a very lightweight laptop, anyway.

I still plan to go up to Moscone tomorrow to look around on the show floor, though.