More Macworld!

I’m beginning to burn out, but I think I’ve seen just about everything.

I think there are more ways to dress one’s iPod, iPhone, or MacBook here than there are ways to dress oneself at Bloomingdale’s (which I walked through on my way to lunch — I am not crazy enough to eat at Moscone itself). But I’m not terribly interested in any of them.

There are also a ton of iPod car accessories, some of which are on sale at attractive prices — but not attractive enough for me to buy without the prospect of returning if they don’t work.

Google’s got a huge booth and is giving away swag. Odd swag, like Google socks and flip-flops. I may resist.

And, as expected, there’s a ton of software (some specially priced). Lots of disk enclosures, too. And keyboards — including the Goldtouch keyboard, which I really liked once upon a time. They’ve even finally updated it to have real F11/F12 keys!

I did get to play with the MacBook Air briefly. It is incredibly light and sexy, but I still don’t think I need one. And, unlike the iPhone, I think I really mean it this time.

And I even found the IBM booth. It’s at the very back of the tiny-booth area in Moscone West, and is there to show the flag for the Mac port of Informix. Lotusphere is next week, and so if we have anything to announce (and, according to the press, we do), I’d expect it to be there. But next year, Macworld is at the very beginning of January, before Lotusphere (and, I suspect, before CES), so maybe things will be different then.