We have separation!

This morning, we made a return trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to pick up stuff we forgot yesterday, then drove to Tulane (without too much confusion) in time to meet Jeff for the “Newcomb-Tulane College Orientation”, which conflicted with the Hillel brunch. We did both, though I’m not sure we got full value out of either — we sat way in the back of the McAlister Auditorium for the orientation, so we heard everything at least three times due to echoes (or not at all, due to the person behind us complaining that he couldn’t hear), and by the time we got to the brunch, it was crowded and the food was running low, but what they had was welcome, and Jeff signed up for the Holiday Meal Plan, and we all got T-shirts.

New Orleans Hillel T-shirt

And, of course, we had to contend with the remains of Tropical Storm Fay; fortunately, all we got was rain and some wind — but it was enough wind to turn my Thanks! umbrella inside out a few times.

After brunch, we walked up to the parking garage and moved the car somewhat closer to Jeff’s dorm, then dashed over there with our goodies. I tried, and failed, to get his printer to work, while Jeff and Diane unpacked the rest of his stuff. Then we hugged “good-bye” and all walked over to the Student Union (LBC) for dessert. I tore myself away and went to the last program item, a Q&A with the deans and assistant deans, where I learned a few things but nothing earth-shattering. Then I went back to the LBC lobby to say good-bye for real, as Jeff dashed away for PlayFair (a scavenger hunt).

Diane and I spent a while figuring out where to go for dinner, eventually choosing to follow a recommendation in the Hullabaloo and visiting Reginelli’s for pizza, wine, and chocolate truffle cake — tasty and inexpensive. Then we returned to the hotel; when there was a break in the rain, we hiked over to the French Quarter and somehow found ourselves at Cafe Du Monde, where we were required to have beignets and cafe au lait. Tasty and inexpensive.

And now we’re back in the hotel, not expecting the phone to ring, nor the email to beep. It feels weird.

2 thoughts on “We have separation!

  1. Aw. The bitter and the sweet. The coffee, the beignets, the New Life.
    Have a safe trip home.

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